Timeline of Important Events in Shrin'Yar HistoryEdit

1334 BCEdit

- The Shrin'Yar discover spaceflight.

1472 BCEdit

- The Shrin'Yar discover hyperspace travel. They find other species in the galaxy, and plans for conquest are made.

1173 BCEdit

- The Shrin'Yar begin their attack on the other inhabitants of M-101. Conquest of Galera.

1145 BCEdit

- The Shrin'Yar attack the Taugh.

1142 BCEdit

- The Galerite Rebellion; the old imperial government collapses. Yul'kara re-unites the Shrin'Yar under his command and restores the Empire.

1139 BCEdit

- The Taugh are finally defeated, and the Shrin'Yar Empire enters an expansion phase of settlement instead of conquest. Many technological advancements are made; especially in areas of genetics.

817 BCEdit

- The Shrin'Yar stumble upon the Hhrrh Hegemony. They begin studying them as a precursor to an attack.

730 BCEdit

- The Hhrrh War begins in an unmitigated disaster. Dozens of Shrin'yar ships are destroyed.

727 BCEdit

- The Shrin'Yar capture a Hhrrh warship, and reverse-engineer it to reproduce its systems. The tide of war begins to turn in the Shrin'Yar's favor.

725 BCEdit

- The Hhrrh are defeated, and the Shrin'Yar once again resume their conquest of M-101.

6 ADEdit

- The Shrin'Yar now control all of known space in their galaxy, and a period of peace begins. The Shrin'Yar leaders become lax.

536 ADEdit

- The Century of Blood begins. The Shrin'Yar are plunged into a bloody period of civil war sparked by a ruthless military coup.

648 ADEdit

- End of the Century of Blood. The Shrin'Yar are driven out of M-101 by their former slaves, who have stolen advanced and irreplaceable Shrin'Yar technology, and banished from the galaxy forever.

1456 ADEdit

- The Shrin'Yar have rebuild themselves into a great intergalactic civilization, but now unrest begins to rise between the separate political factions in the Empire.

1457 ADEdit

- Ler'Hodas takes the throne of the Shrin'Yar and wipes out all dissidents. The Shrin'Yar set out towards our Local Group with visions of conquest.

1991 ADEdit

- The Shrin'Yar Fleets reach the outer fringes of the Local Group