Hemeran EraEdit

10,000,000 years agoEdit

The first Crysalix is created, and studied. after being captive for a few years, he escapes, and multiplies. within the day they have large numbers and prepare to leave, as the hemerans arrive and glass the continent, then terraform it.

Tau'ri EraEdit

200 years agoEdit

the crysalix survived the Onslaught. The Crysalix escape, as a nearby primitive tribe came too close to them, use them as hosts and slaves, and uncover their old city. they manage to build up.

150 years agoEdit

The Crysalix have dominated their planet

120 years agoEdit

The Crysalix dominate their solar system

100 years agoEdit

10% of the Aquarius galaxy is in the Crysalix' hands.

90 years agoEdit

30% of Aquarius is Crysalix territory. they encounter the Scourge. a war starts.

10 years agoEdit

Aquarius: 40% Crysalix 40% Scourge 20% free.

Present day[2060]Edit

Tauri have sent their pioneer class to aquarius, something they will forever regret

1 month into the futureEdit

the crysalix knock on the navo door, after having emigrated their entire population and fleet