Name: Thre'Fassan
Galaxy: M-101 (the Pinwheel Galaxy)
System: Lor'Qana
Sun(s): 1; yellow dwarf
Moon(s): 1
Main Species: Shrin'Yar
Population: unknown
Primary Language: Ril'Kyr
Surface: Earth-like
Major Cities: unknown
Affiliation: Shrin'Yar Empire
Current Status: Destroyed

Thre'Fassan was the homeworld of the Shrin'Yar in their home galaxy of M-101. It was destroyed at the beginning of the Century of Blood; the great civil war that marked the end of the Shrin'Yar rule of M-101.


Thre'Fassan was home to the Shrin'Yar species for many hundreds of years before the Altera first began to travel amongst the stars.