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May 2008Edit

1. "I see Earth is still standing."
-Admiral James Richardson

2. "Don't you realize what this means? We can finally finish off the Asurans and end the war!"
-Dr. Rodney McKay (AUVF)

3. "Lower life. So easy to manipulate."

October 2008Edit

4. "The universe seems to have a wicked sense of humor."
-Commodore Elysus Har, Galerite Starfleet

5. "A weak mind can only rule his or her self. But a strong mind can rule many."
-Navo Anquieta Arbiter of War Ignatian Daos

January 2009Edit

6. "The Navos need large, power intensive and immobile artillery pieces to slag a planet's surface; We can do it in fifteen minutes with a fifty meter long police cruiser."
- Anonymous Razg Officer

7. "The flesh that makes you so weak, is what makes us so strong."
- The Hive Mind

8. "The burning stars, in heaven dethroned. / Which gods they worshiped; we deposed."
-Unknown Shrin'Yar poet, circa 1400 AD

February 2009Edit

9. "Do you believe in destiny, Richardson? I do. Since I was a boy I knew that one day I would have the galaxy trembling at the mention of my name."
-Talos, December 21, 2052

February 2010Edit

10."Only three things are certain in life, those are War, Death, and Taxes."

-Ranto Gillick in speech to his fleet before Raknash Great Battle, August 16, 2055

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