Planet OverviewEdit

Name: New Lantea

Galaxy: Icarus Galaxy

System: Nova Atlantus system

Sun(s): 1 yellow dwarf

Moon(s): 5

Main species: Humans (Destinas)

Population: About 2 billion

Primary Language: English

Surface: Mostly Ocean, occasional islands

Major Cities: New Atlantis

Affiliation: GATO, Destinas

Current GATO status: Destinas World

Governor: James Gillick


New Lantea was founded in 2055 A.D. and was the place where the first Destinas built city ship was constructed. The city ship was designed so that it could interlock with other city ships in the case of an attack or if the city was too small to hold all the inhabitants. There are currently 7 city ships on the planet, one central city and six others attached. This massive city was named New Atlantis.
Ancient City

New Atlantis

While they may be interlocked, each citys systems are kept separate in case a virus infected one city and all seven were shut down. The planet has a massive orbital ring that ships can dock with and be repaired. The ring is also used to construct ships. Each city ship also has another characteristic different from that of the original Atlantis, they are airtight. This means that each one of them can leave the planet without having the shield raised. This offers considerable less power consumption from Atlantis. Its current governor is James Gillick