Washington Class CorvetteEdit

The Washington is the Corvette of the Alternate Gateworld Fleet.

~Design Specifications~Edit

-Class: Washington

-Designation: LCS-311

-Type: Littoral Combat Ship analog (small hyperspace-capable warship)

-Role: Corvette

-Users: Tau'ri

-Length: 90 meters

-Beam: 33 meters

-Height: 19 meters

-Hull: Steel/Titanium/Naquadah

~Crew: 12
~Maximum: 30

~1x Mark II Naquadah Generator
~3x Backup Mk. I Naquadah Generators

~2x Small Plasma Drives
~1x Tau'ri Hyperdrive

~10x VLS (Vertical Launch System) Missile Tubes (RoF 8 missiles per minute, each has 16 SM-3S missiles with W96 500kt warheads)
~3x 50mm Railguns

~4x 20mm Computer-Linked Point-Defense Railguns
~Mark I Shield Generator
~Sensor Jamming - Active and Passive

-Additional Technology:
~Asgard Beaming Technology
~Subspace Receiver
~Sensor Array
~Subspace Communicator
~Subspace Locater Beacon
~'Black Box'

~History and Technical Notes~Edit

After the completion of the Aurora class Dreadnought in late 2010, the Tau'ri designers decided to make a ship that was small and maneuverable, but could still pack a punch. The X-311, christened the Washington, was designed to be an easily produced ship that could patrol an area of space alone or provide support to a larger group of ships. It performed admirably, and was considered the interstellar equivalent of a littoral combat ship or 'corvette'.

After the 311s began being mass-produced, 304s began traveling with two 311s as part of their group, and larger groups of 311s were tasked to defend human convoys on-route to other planets. They proved themselves capable of taking on Wraith Cruisers when in a group, and could easily handle Darts and smaller vessels.

The Washington class vessel's primary offensive weapons are its SM-3S missiles. Each missile is armed with a 500kt warhead, and the 311 can fire all one-hundred and sixty of them in just two minutes. It only takes about a month to build one of these ships, and as of February, 2011 there are twenty-four 311s in active service, with six more on the production line. These ships are sure to become a common sight in Pegasus, and will be a constant reminder that the Tau'ri are still a force to be reckoned with in the galaxy.

~Ships of this Class~Edit

-X (LCS)-311-01 Washington
- LCS-311-03 Theseus
- LCS-311-04 Atlas
- LCS-311-05 New York
- LCS-311-06 Yosemite
- LCS-311-08 Dauntless
- LCS-311-09 Defiant
- LCS-311-11 Endurance

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