~Design Specifications~Edit

-Class: Jan'tak

-Role: Frigate/Destroyer

-Users: Jaffa

~Length: 300m

~Beam: 320m



~Crew: 150
~Maximum: 300

~1x Naquadah Power Core

~1x IDS
~1x Intergalactic Hyperdrive

~ 8x Heavy Plasma Cannon
~6x Medium Plasma Cannon

-Fighter Complement:
~4x Needle Threaders

6x Defensive Plasma Cannon
~1x Goa'uld Level II Shield Generator

-Additional Tech:
~2x Ring Platforms
~Subspace Receiver
~Sensor Array
~Subspace Communicator

Technical and Historical NotesEdit

The Jan'tak class frigate/destroyer was designed by the Jaffa in Pegasus to provide support for their trade lanes to augment the slow-rising numbers of Ha'tak. The Jan'tak incorporates re-engineered Goa'uld Technology that is entirely Jaffa produced, and its smaller size lessens the resources and time needed to construct them, making them a favorite of Jaffa captains.

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