the crysalix race is more than 10 million years old, created by the hemerans as research for ascention.

Hemeran Era[ca 10,000,000 years ago]Edit

because of the highly fruitfull Alteran-Hemeran alliance, made between a group of stranded Alterans and the Hemerans, natives of the Aquarius galaxy[4.2 million lightyears from the milky way], the Hemerans learned of ascention. Being highly obsessed with research and knowledge, and their ultimate goal being all-knowing, the hemerans saw ascention as their final goal. they created an artificial organic being, wich was accelerated towards ascention. the creature resulting was similar to a shadow entity seen in atlantis, ancient ascention reasearch. but the creature was extraordinarily powerfull. after more than a year of imprisonment, it used it highly potent telekinetic powers and ascended abilities to destroy the containment field. it killed the sole Hemeran aboard the science vessel it was captured on, stole a blue ZPM, and went to the planet below, just in time before the ships' selfdestruct went off. below, it used the power of the ZPM, some of its ascended understanding of the universe, and hemeran ascention research to absorb power, and quickly multiply itself: like the shadow entity, it could become bigger by absorbing energy. once reaching the critical point, it would split into four new crysalix, each with the same abilities. this continued unto the numbers went into the thousands, as the zpm became depleted. they prepped to leave the planet, when a Hemeran armada dropped out of hyperspace. the continent was glassified, and then terraformed, burying it below the soil.

The Age of Revenge[ca. 200 years Ago]Edit

after being trapped in a massive crystal with no way of escape, and being highly weakened, the crysalix escaped. having watched evolution take place, they took their chance. after a relatively primitive human wandered too far in the forests, it came into the range of the crysalix' powers. he was put into trance and used as a temporary host. after this, the crysalix took over the village, and using the villagers as hosts, they uncovered a chunk of crystal. using it as a base, and the mined minerals for power, they became powerfull once more. their power replenished, they lifted up chunks of land with telekinesis. minerals were mined and used for power. having used the ten million years, they had thought of how to escape their prison. using technology developed in that time with their knowledge, they build a crystalline city, and rose to power. they built starships and mechanical suits, and started to populate the aquarius system, killing any opposing race, hoping to find the ancients and the Hemerans, to get revenge.

The Clash Of TitansEdit

recently the Crysalix discovered the existance of the Navo Anquietas. knowing they are relatives of the ancients, they left Aquarius to face the Navo's. doing so, they created the Asadon, a humanoid race created with knowledge gathered from studying evolution and using their ascended knowledge.