This page is about the Aurora Class Dreadnought in the AlternateUniverse VF; you may be looking for the article on the Ancient Aurora Type Warship

Aurora Class DreadnoughtEdit

The Aurora is the Dreadnought of the Alternate Gateworld Fleet.

~Design Specifications~Edit

-Class: Aurora

-Designation: HC-307

-Type: hyperspace-capable warship

-Role: Dreadnought

-Users: Tau'ri

-Length: 665 meters

-Beam: 250 meters

-Height: 160 meters

-Hull: Steel/Titanium/Naquadah

~Crew: 250
~Maximum: 600

~2x Mark IV Naquadah Generators
~4x Backup Mk. III Naquadah Generators

~2x Large Plasma Drives
~2x Medium Plasma Drives
~2x Medium Chemical Engines
~1x Tau'ri Hyperdrive

~8x Mark IV Capital Plasma Cannon
~35x ELS (Electromagnetic Launch System) Missile Tubes (RoF 12 missiles per minute, can fire all Tau'ri-made missiles and strategic weapons)
~4x 100mm Railguns

-Fighter Complement:
~18x F-302s (optional)

~12x 20mm Computer-Linked Point-Defense Railguns
~Mark III Shield Generator
~Sensor Jamming - Active and Passive
~Low-thermal emission technology (cuts thermal radiation by 21%)

-Additional Technology:
~Asgard Beaming Technology
~Subspace Receiver
~Sensor Array
~Subspace Communicator
~Subspace Locater Beacon
~'Black Box'

~History and Technical Notes~Edit

In 2009 the Tau'ri found that they needed more diversity among their ships. The Daedalus Class ship, while and excellent vessel, was simply not adequate for some missions. It had been designed as a 'Jack-of-all-trades', but it turned out, as the saying goes, to indeed be a master of none. The Tau'ri designers' first priority was a ship that could face off with an Asuran Warship or a Wraith Hive, and so the Aurora was born.

The brainchild of Doctor Rodney McKay, the X-307, christened the Aurora, became the first Tau'ri built ship capable of surviving a one-on-one encounter with a Wraith Hive. Its revolutionary Mark III shield, while drawing massive amounts of power, is capable of fighting a prolonged conflict with a Hive, and its powerful engines help it to evade incoming fire.

The Aurora class can fire any armament the Tau'ri have to offer, including the Horizon. It even utilizes a computer-controlled Point Defense Railgun Grid, giving it an unprecedented ability to take out inbound fighters and munitions.

Due to its size and the amount of technology implemented in the 307 class, it takes around 14 months to build just one of these revolutionary ships. The Aurora is currently in active service as of 2011, and its sister ship, the Athena, is currently under construction. The Athena is scheduled to be finished in late 2012.

~Ships of this Class~Edit

- X (HC)-307-01 Aurora
- HC-307-02 Athena

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