Genii DestroyerEdit

~Design Specifications~Edit

-Users: Genii

-Technology base: Tau'ri/Genii

-Build time: 16 per year

-Length: 160 m

-Beam: 30 m

-Height: 20 m

~1x Mk. II generator

~1x Mk. III forward Tau'ri plasma cannon
~4x Mk. I Tau'ri plasma cannon
~12x 50mm railguns
~2x 100mm railguns

~1x Mk. I Tau'ri shields

~2x Tau'ri medium plasma drives
~1x Tau'ri interstellar hyperdrive

~History and Technical Notes~Edit

In 2010 the Tau'ri came to the Genii looking build a shipyard on their planet. At first the Genii were hesitant, but they were swayed when they were offered a chance to get their own ship, and a new chance to strike back at the Wraith.

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