Galerite History

Many Millenia ago, when the Shrin'Yar had only just begun their conquests, the Galerites lived in M 101.

They were a peacful race, who had not yet discovered hyperdrive technology, or even inertial compensators. They knew they had no chance of withstanding the onslaught they were faced with.

They built eight massive sleeper-ships, and filled them with as many of their people as they could. Then they sent them off.

The sleeper-ships flew, over hundreds of thousands of years, out of M 101 and into the void between the galaxies. They traversed the void for ages, but one-hundred and forty years ago the sensors on the ship detected that they had entered a star system that contained an inhabitable world. The automated system woke the pilots, who carefully landed the ships on the planet.

It was a small system, one among many in the galaxy that humans on a distant world had come to call Andromeda, but there the Galerites thrived.

They named the world New Galera, and rebuilt their long dead civilization. They discovered the stardrive, and colonized nine worlds, forming the Galerite Conclave.

They came to this galaxy fleeing from the Shrin'Yar, but, unbeknownst to them, their ancient foe has also come to this galaxy seeking a new home. When they meet again after millenia, none can say what will happen.