Serpent Class FrigateEdit

The Serpent is the Frigate of the Alternate Gateworld Fleet.

~Design Specifications~Edit

-Class: Serpent

-Designation: FF-315

-Type: medium hyperspace-capable escort ship

-Role: Frigate

-Users: Tau'ri

-Length: 220 meters

-Beam: 98 meters

-Height: 38 meters

-Hull: Trinium Armor Plating

~Crew: 90
~Maximum: 220

~1x Mark III Naquadah Generator

~2x Medium Plasma Drives
~1x Large Plasma Drive
~1x Tau'ri Hyperdrive

~2x Mk. III Plasma cannon
~5x Mk. II Plasma cannon
~10x 50mm railguns
~6x 100mm railguns
~4x VLS missile tubes

-Fighter Complement:
~4x F-302s

~Mark I Shield Generator
~Sensor Jamming - Active and Passive

-Additional Technology:
~Asgard Beaming Technology
~Ring Platform
~Subspace Receiver
~Sensor Array
~Subspace Communicator
~Subspace Locater Beacon
~'Black Box'

~History and Technical Notes~Edit

In 2011, after the completion of the first Washington class, it was realized that it was okay to have a fleet made of big ships and small ships, but that you really needed something in between. To fulfill this need, Tau'ri engineers came up with the X-315, christened the Serpent. The simulations showed that the 315 performed well past anything ever expected. A main advantage was the ship's small hangar; although it only carried 4 fighters, it proved to be very useful.

The 315 has, at current ship building abilities, a 14 ships per year construction rate; but, as more shipyards are built, it is expected that by 2020 it will have a 26 ships per year rate of construction.

~Ships of this Class~Edit

- X (FF)-315-01 Serpent
- FF-315-02 Roosevelt
- FF-315-03 Churchill
- FF-315-04 Scipio
- FF-315-05 Jacob Carter
- FF-315-07 Terra
- FF-315-08 Heracles

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