Dakara Class dreadnoughtEdit

The Dakara is the Dreadnought of the Free Jaffa Nation. The first ship was finished in August 2011. Currently only one shipyard capable of building these ships exists.

~Design Specifications~Edit


-Class: Dakara

-Designation: Dakara

-Type: Heavy Warship.

-Role: Dreadnought

-Users: Jaffa

-Length: 1099 meters

-Beam: 1088 meters

-Height: 152 meters

-Hull: Naquahdah/Steel/Carbon


~Crew: 100


~2x Naquahdah Catalyzed Heavy Liquid Naquahdah Reactor.


~12x Medium Plasma Drives

~Goa'uld IDS


~Tauri Enhanced Jaffa Intergalactic Hyperdrive [Pegasus-MW 22 Days]


~11x Heavy Plasma Cannon

~9x Dakara Plasma Cannon [450 MT]

~5x Scarab Launchers.


~ Level IV Enhanced Jaffa Shields[200% of a ha’tak]

-Additional Technology:

~Ring Transporters

~Auxiliary Control Room

~Goauld Control Chair

~Re-entry Controls

~Jaffa Markings and decorations

~Richly Decorated Hallways.

~Crew Compartments



-Liquid Naquahdah Powercell




-Ceramic Polymer Plating

-Carbonfibre structure


-Weaponsgrade Naquahdah Warhead[300MT]


-Jaffa Navigator

-Jaffa Subspace Link

-Jaffa AI

~History and Technical Notes~Edit

When the Jaffa arrived in the pegasus galaxy it was apparent that the Hatak could not stand up to the Wraith Hive Ships or the Asuran Auroras. When the Jaffa's first shipyard was built they decided on a new design. Needing more advanced weapons and shields the Jaffa asked for Tauri assitance. In exchange for a quantity of natural resources from the Jaffa's planet the Tauri supplied the Jaffa with 12 mkIII and 12 mkI cannons as well as helping them in enhancing their current shields. In August 2011 the first, and so far only Dakara was launched. It currently takes the Jaffa 18 months to build one. In May 2015, the second shipyard was completed, capable of building Dakara's. in december 2016, the first upgraded dakara was completed

~Ships of this Class~Edit

  • The Dakara: Completed August 2011
  • The Chulak: Completed July 2013.
  • The Kallana: Completed November 2014
  • The Sodan: Completed May 2015
  • The Kheb: Completed March 2016
  • The Lantea: Completed December 2016

~Ships under construction~Edit

  • The Delmak: Ready september 2017
  • The Dar Eshkalon: Ready July 2018
  • The Juna: Ready April 2019
  • The Langara: Ready January 2020

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