Planet OverviewEdit

Name: Coruscant

Galaxy: Icarus Galaxy

System: Hoth system

Sun(s): 1 yellow dwarf

Moon(s): 3

Main species: Humans (Destinas)
Future city highresolution

City Of Coruscant

Population: About 3 billion

Primary language: English

Surface: Temperate, Forest, Mountain

Major cities: Coruscant, New Glasgow

Affiliation: GATO, Destinas

Current GATO status: Destinas world

Coruscant is the capital of the Destinas empire, and the crown jewel of all human planets in the Icarus galaxy.


The planet was first explored as a possible homeworld for the Destinas in 2012, and it was approved as the new base for them. The Destiny established a planetary orbit and was the base for the time being. A small town with the same name as the planet, Coruscant, was founded on the surface. In around 2023 another town, named New Glasgow, was founded approximately 500 miles away, with a railway linking the two. Now both towns are sprawling metropolises, with hundreds of other towns and villages elsewhere on the planet.