Prometheus Class

Designation: CLC-303A

Role: Light Transport and Command Cruiser

Length: Normal Prometheus specs

Hull: 60% Steel 40% Titanium

Crew: 95

Powerplant: 1x MkII 2x MkI

Propulsion: 2x Large Plasma Drives 1x IDS 1x Tauri Hyperdrive

Weapons: 8x VLS tubes 4x Underside tubes 4x MkII plasma cannons 4x AKEW's 6x 20mm rail guns

Defenses: MkI Shield Generator

Additional Technology: Asgard Beaming Technology Ring Platform Subspace Receiver Sensor Array Subspace Communicator Subspace Locater Beacon Black Box

History: As the war with the Wraith started it was realized that troops were going to have to be sent down to fight on planets. Sending troops through the gates were problems do to defenses setup around the gates. To solve this as well as sending ships to supply different worlds the Tauri decided to bring back the Prometheus design. Cheap and easy to produce the Prometheus class allowed the transport of troops and supplies to where ever they were needed without having to use up any of the available combat ships. The Prometheus class ship also serves as a command cruiser when leading small groups of frigates and destroyers.