Class: Daedalus

-Designation: 304C

-Type: Cruiser

-Role: Defense Cruiser

-Users: Those who can afford it

-Length: 500 meters

-Hull: Steel/Titanium

-Capacity: ~Crew: unknown ~Maximum: 300?

-Powerplant: ~1x Mark Ia Naquadah Generator

-Propulsion: ~2x Large Chemical Drives ~4x Medium Chemical Drives ~1x Goa'uld-Based Interstellar Hyperdrive

-Armament: ~10x Mk I Plasma cannons ~4x VLS tubes ( no missles given)

-Defenses: ~6x 20mm Railguns ~Mark IV Shield Generator

-Additional Technology: ~Ring Platform ~Sensor Array

~notes: The commercial version of the BC-304B. As the 304 became outdated, it's production was slowed down, and the deadalus became a craft for sale.